Roscoe/Rockton Neighbors Helping Neighbors is administered by community volunteers as a way for community members to connect with each other in this time of crisis.

In a time where fear can be overwhelming, we choose kindness, generosity, and love for our neighbors. We believe that we belong to each other, and that we will get through this best as we help one another.

Volunteers and help recipients are responsible for their own health and safety. Participation in any activities is at their own risk. Volunteers will not get within 6 feet of recipients or enter their homes. Any payments must be made directly to the merchant by the purchaser.RoRo Neighbors volunteers are prohibited from accepting payment for assistance.

Please continue to practice hand-washing, sanitizing, and physical distancing measures recommended by Winnebago County Department of Public Health, The Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control.

And please, in all interactions, treat people with respect, honesty, and kindness.



Call us: 815-310-5803